Banners & Pop-Up Printing

Banners are one of the most widely used and customizable styles of print products available. Banners can be used for informational or advertising purposes. There is a range of banner styles, materials, sizes and a time to use the banners.

A banner simply means a piece of cloth that bears a long design, used in some form demonstration or procession. This definition showcases how there are nearly countless ways to customize your businesses banners. Banners can be perfect for outdoor and indoor events, though certain materials are better suited for these environments.

If you require banner printing services for your business or event, contact PrintHound.  Our custom approach, coupled with skilled operators and in-house equipment allows us to provide industry-leading print quality and product turn around times.

Interior Banners

Interior banners are often made of denser materials that promote a more upscale and high-quality image. These banners are ideal for in office use, tradeshows and other indoor events. Some common types of indoor banners are:

  • Vinyl Banners – These banners are printed on a 13 oz. vinyl sheet and can range from 16 square feet all the way up to 50. Vinyl banners can be printed single or double sided and have the option for full colour or text only use. These can be ideal for pop-up and roll-up banners. These banners are mostly for indoor usage but when combined with acrylic plastic sheeting and a frame can be used as an outdoor sign.
  • No Curl Vinyl Banners – These vinyl banners are printed on 14-22 oz. vinyl sheet material that’s eight prevents the banner from curling or bending. These banners can have ringlet grommets installed, which make them perfect for hanging at large indoor events or at booths.
  • Fabric BannersFabric banners offer the most textured and upscale design look. Though, these banners can be easily stained and faded, so should never be used in the outdoors. Banner soft is the most common fabric, though printing of a satin fabric can create a natural shine within the imagery.
  • Canvas Banners – These banners are similar to an art canvas and are ideal for backdrops at high-end events or booths. Sewn hems or grommets can be installed to these banners and they can be printed in sizes up to 4.5 by 10 feet.

Outdoor Banners

Outdoor banners can be made to pop and stand at events or can represent large display banners for walls and or fences. Some common types of outdoor banners are:

  • Polyester Banners – These banners are more durable than vinyl banners, though when used without acrylic sheets can fade over time. Most banner flags are made from polyester materials.
  • Acrylic Signs – These signs are built with Plexiglas, acrylic sheets placed inside of a steel frame. These can help transform a more delicate banner into a durable, yet inflexible outdoor sign.
  • Mesh Banners – These banners are ideal for a small pop up at outdoor sponsored events or for large fence banners. Mesh banners are printed with tiny holes on 10 oz. scrim vinyl and offer durable and wind resistant banner. Pole pockets can be installed for pop-up mesh banners or grommets can be installed to fasten these banners to a large fence.

Flag Printing

Flags can be effective for tradeshow, events, and outside of storefront for everyday brand usage or to bring in foot traffic driving or walking by. Flags can be made in a range of styles with a variety of stands including, blade, teardrop, tension flag and other custom flag designs. 3 common styles of flag printing are:

  • Silk Screening – Large silk screening machines can efficiently turn out simple and previously designed images, with rich double-sided colour. Flags are the heat treated to increase their durability and finally are trimmed and hemmed.
  • Digital Printing – Digital printing offers a detailed imagery that makes it ideal for artistic flags. Though these flags can look noticeably lighter in on one side, so selecting a double-sided print can be effective. After being printed, flags are put through a range of tempering baths and are finally trimmed and hemmed.
  • Dye Sublimation – Dye sublimation is commonly done with both polyester ad fabric flags. This process involves placing your image on a transfer sheet and then heat pressing the sheet onto your flag material at 375 degrees. These images are resistant to fade though require longer turnaround times and when used with fabric flags, can quickly damage flag stands due to the weight of the material.

You can trust all your flag printing needs to the experts at PrintHound. We are here to provide fast turnaround times, excellent service and high-quality finished products.

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