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Banners are the most used outdoor marketing materials for brand visibility. They come in different shapes, types, and styles. Banners are printed on vinyl banners or fabric banners. The fabric banner is often overlooked in favor of the vinyl banner as they are perceived to be easier to print. However, the fabric banner has some advantages over the vinyl banner that you should consider when making a choice between the two materials.


Lightweight Fabric Banners

Fabric banners are lighter than vinyl by far. A large sized vinyl banner could weigh upwards of 50 kgs while a fabric banner of the same size will be lighter than 10 kgs.  This makes fabric banners ideal for a mobile marketing campaign where the team has to set up at different locations. The fabric banner is more compact when folded meaning it can be easily packed in the trunk or on the back passenger seat of a marketing car or van.  It is also ideal for a one-person or two-person marketing team as it will be easier to deploy and take down.

The light weight of the fabric makes it easier to wash when it dirties. This is unlike the vinyl banner that will require heavy lifting to wash properly.


Easy Styling Fabric Banners

The fabric banner is easy to drape over different kinds of frames to make different styles. It can be attached to a metallic pole to make a flag, bow or teardrop banner. It can be draped over a raised frame to make a branded canopy, it can also be draped over tables to make branded tablecloth banners.


More Visually Appealing 

Vinyl banners are in most cases bright and shouting as the default background color of the vinyl banner is white. This makes them visually distracting and harsh to the eye. Fabric banners, on the other hand, are softer and allow for more colors to be used making for more visually appealing banners.


Long-Lasting Fabric Banners

Fabric banners will keep colors for longer than vinyl banners. Unlike vinyl that crumbles and peels off under prolonged sunlight exposure, fabric does not fade unless it is rained on frequently. The colors of the fabric banner remain vibrant for longer.


Environmental Friendly Fabric Banners

If you are a green enterprise, you want a marketing campaign that strongly identifies you as a green brand. Vinyl banners are made of plastic material whose origin is harsh chemicals that are damaging to the environment due to the plastics.

You can choose a fabric banner that is made of natural fibers like cotton that came from friendly farming processes. Cotton is also biodegradable making your banner very environmentally friendly.


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