Indoor Banners

When designing indoor banners and outdoor banners for your businesses, it is good to have an attractive, simple, clear and easier to read by the people. But, the rules depend on the location, size, and placement of your banner. Creating indoor banner allow you to have more design ideas and freedom, as customers have enough time in reading your banner. But, most people often lose their focus quickly, therefore; it is very important to create your indoor banner more attractive or not very lengthy.

Quality indoor banner comes in many different styles, sizes, and shapes. So, it’s vital to know what is the best material to use that will suit your needs, to make sure that your banners are successful.

Kinds of Banner Material

Canvas Banners

One of the most common indoor banners used is the canvas banner. It is usually used for completed with sewn hem, grommet, pole pockets and high-end backdrop. Furthermore, canvas banner can be written or printed for about 10 feet. And with similar texture to painted canvas.

Vinyl Banners

Undoubtedly, vinyl banners are the type of banner material that are very versatile. The vinyl banner is printed on the high-quality scrim vinyl 13 oz. This is one of the types of banner materials that can be used indoor or outdoor. Apart from that vinyl banner is digitally printed, which can be for about 50 feet with no seams. Additional finishing includes reinforced corners, reinforced hems, and pole pockets.

If you are planning to use this type of banner in your business, you can have text only banner or full-color banner. However, a full-color banner has unlimited photographs, background, and clip art. While the text only banner has a white background, colored banner text, and the lowest cost option.

Poly Banners

Poly banner is also another type of banner material that can display the graphics well. If you are looking for materials to be used in your outdoor banner, poly banner is not the best option, as it is only designed to used indoor. But, poly banners are slightly expensive if compared to other banner material types.

Fabric Banners

Another type of banner materials is the fabric banner. It is usually used as an indoor banner, as it has higher-end looks than a vinyl banner. If you want to opt for this kind of banner material, there are two options that you can choose from, the banner soft and the satin fabric. The soft banner is the common fabric. While the satin fabric is a shining banner material. Their standard finishing options are grommets and folded sewn hems. Additional finishing also includes pole pockets and cut-to-sized.

Mesh Banners

Mesh banner is digitally printed on a full-color with the used of 10 oz. vinyl material. The mesh banner materials can be very great to use if you want to create big banners, that are finished with grommets and heat welded hem or could be reinforced of pole pocket for additional security.

The mesh banner materials have crisscrossed fiber which allows some air going through the materials. Mesh materials are commonly used in creating outdoor banners, such as for sports field.


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