Waterproof Vinyl Banners

Marketing is not about hiding yourself away from the views of your target audience. You need a means to show the world what you are offering in a bold, conspicuous and elegant manner. Marketers who realize the impact of the vinyl banner are not taking any chance to show the world what they have by boldly displaying their company offers and catching the audience by storm!

Vinyl banners help you to capture the atmosphere and get the attention of your target audience miles away from its position. It can be hung anywhere and does not bow to harsh weather or get destroyed by the unfriendly environment. Vinyl banners are an excellent means of advertising your brand while attracting more customers.

In a situation where marketing budget is minimal, as expected from time to time, wouldn’t it be a smart move to go for a banner material that will last? Apart from the fact that vinyl banner is weatherproof, they are also effective means of outdoor advertising giving the brightness and durable material they represent. And if you are worried about bowing to the unfriendly harshness of weather, there are ways you can protect your vinyl banner to last longer.

Weather-Resistant Vinyl Banners

You can opt for mesh vinyl banner, a high-quality 13-ounce white mesh material built to withstand heavy winds without damage to it. The best part is that people can see out from the non-printed back side making it the perfect outdoor banner to withstand even most violent winds.

There is the additional protection of hems and grommets to protect your banner from succumbing to environmental pressure and still stand out anywhere it’s being used. The hems protect the edges of your banner to prevent tears while the grommets help to fasten the banner firmly to immovable objects, so it does not give in to winds push to come off its stake.

Although vinyl banner is not recommended for extreme cold weather as it can get brittle in sub zero temperatures, you want to take care of it at such times from exposure to extreme cold. Outside of that, a vinyl banner is all ready to cope in all manners of outdoor circumstances including high winds, hail, and rainfall.

Printing Vinyl Banners

For the best result and brilliant vinyl banner print, it is recommended to use eco-friendly ink. It is a fade resistant ink that can overcome the threat of scorching heat in sunny weather and remain ever bright all year round. Using vinyl banner with eco-friendly ink makes you a proud ambassador of green environmental initiatives.

Benefits of Vinyl Banners

If you care for more benefits, you can go matte! You can combine a high-grade 13-ounce white vinyl banner with a matte finish and go for pole pockets. Doing so will give you a flame resistant and great outdoor and indoor banner. A matte finish and mesh banner with advanced hems and grommet is all you need to boldly withstand all rough weather and keep your advertising going where all others would have failed!

Professional Vinyl Banner Printing

When you have the best material for your outdoor/indoor advertising, you need the printer with the necessary expertise to bring out the best for you. For a banner that commands the attention with excellent copy and print, and aesthetically pleasing banner design for bold, smart and lasting appeal, you need PrintHound Production House! Contact PrintHound today for professional banner printing and banner design in Calgary.


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