Brochures with their bi-fold design, trifold design, booklet format or page inserts are versatile marketing tools. They help promote and grow businesses and startups by getting their information to the target market. Often stacked in counters of offices and retail outlets, they engage the customers by providing them with a lot of product and service information as well as an informative overview of the business. Why are brochures a great marketing tool? They are designed to capture a potential customer’s attention and focus only on the business and the products and services they are offering without having to compete for space such as in the case of a newspaper advert. They can, therefore, establish valuable customer interactions and help sway them to try your business’s offering over another.

However, for marketing with brochures to be effective, the brochures have to have interesting content, an impressive front page and high-quality images, strong paper stock, a catching design and use quality ink during the digital printing. Since brochures carry a lot of information, it may be your inclination that the price of printing them will be exorbitantly high. However, this is not the case as bulk printing tends to be cost-effective. Printing, however, should be done by an experienced print shop with qualified staff and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that the resulting outcome is high-quality brochure in terms of design, layout, finish, and texture.

To print impeccable brochures, you should rely on the services of an experienced and reputed printing service. PrintHound, is a print center in Calgary, we offer such brochure printing services that will resonate with your target market. With our highly experienced and specialized staff and great equipment, you can be assured of great service and brochures that are unrivaled. The process of creating a brochure that will fit all your needs is a creative, detail-oriented, fast and reliable exercise starting from the design stage all the way to the finished product.

We make brochures that motivate readers to look inside and continue reading which leverages the brochure as an effective marketing tool. The shape, linearity and the creativity employed in adding page inserts goes a long way in making it a fun and captivating piece of marketing literature. We offer different options with regard to your preferences. These range from folding options, matte, uncoated or gloss paper, standard or custom sizes and much more. With full-color printing and speedy delivery, with brochure rush printing available you can rest assured that the brochures will fulfill all your specific needs.

Brochure Design

The design of the brochure iѕ a creative process thаt sets the design and layout of the print material. A brochure design can be a single sheet, bifold or trifold with options for single or double sided. Depending on the industry you are in and the clients you are trying to attract the brochure design will vary, and the effectiveness will also vary. Often corporate brochures feature a plain design with a professional appearance, while service or restaurant brochures work best when they convey a message or active promotion. Even though an effective brochure design varies business to business, thеrе is ѕоmе key design features thаt саn inсrеаѕе rеѕроnѕе, highlight kеу itеmѕ, and imрrоvе the look and conversion rate of the brochure.

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