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If you are at a meeting with new clients or at any networking event, a business card is a great way to conclude the conversation. Business cards are an exchange of contact information that doubles as a promotional item. A well-designed business card, with proper stock and material, shines a good light on your brand, shows you are prepared for the meeting, can be shared with others and can help you make a memorable impression.

Business cards offer nearly infinite ways to customize them and make them stand out. There is a range of business card material, finishes, stocks, and design options. Your business card can be as high quality, cost effective and unique as your business itself.

You can trust the printing experts at PrintHound with your business card printing needs We can provide a same-day turnaround for large quantity orders of your cards. Call or email PrintHound today for professional business card printing services, we provide business cards in Calgary and surrounding areas.

Business Card Finishes

Business cards can be designed and printed with a number of finishes to create more luxurious and personalized looks. Many finishes can be used in cooperation with each other to craft a complete, one-of-a-kind card. Some of these custom finishes are:

  • Colour – This is common business card finish that prints the cards in a full bleed colour. This can be on both sides or on one side of the card. Colour cards can stand out against white cards with coloured text.
  • High Gloss – Make your card shine with high gloss. This finish makes the design and colours look polished and shine in the light.
  • Soft Touch – Soft touch finishes like matte and suede make card smooth and textured. This texture helps the card and your name to be remembered.
  • Metallic – Metallic finishes make the card look like a shimmering piece of metal, which promotes elegance and professionalism.
  • Spot Varnish – Spot varnish applies a glossy finish to a single aspect of the card. This can be applied to your brand name, a logo or imagery or to any aspect of the card.
  • Cut Die  – Cards that have a piece cut out from them or are cut to a specific design shape look unique. The cut can be creatively worked into the design of the card, or with the theme of a business with.
  • Emboss – This allows for a layered and textured feel with your card. Heat presses stamp a section of the card lower which showcases a custom feel. This can be best applied as an outline of a logo.
  • Raised Print – Raised print on the business name, your name, your role or all of the print on the card makes the information jump out at the reader.

Business Card Stocks

Business cards density and thickness are referred to as pound and stock. Paper pound is classified by how many pounds 500 sheets of a certain paper thickness would weigh. For example, 500 sheets of an 8.5 x 11-inch piece of printer paper that is labeled 60-pound stock, would weight 60 pounds. Paper thickness is referred to as point. Each point of the paper is one thousandth of an inch, so a 16pt. paper is 0.016 inches thick. Business card paper ranges from 65 to 110 pound and can range from 10 pt. to 16pt. Business cards that utilize higher end finished like, gloss, raised print, soft touch and embossing should look towards thicker and less flimsy paper stocks. Business card stock determines the thickness of the business card, modern business cards have transitioned to a thicker stock to stand out and be more durable.

Business Card Sizes

Business card sizes help add to the overall look, feel and design of the card. Standard cards are 3.5 inches long and 2 inches high. Though a smaller or “micro business card” can be 3 inches by 1 inch. Another form of card size is square and utilizes a 2.25-inch length on every side of the card. Folded cards double up on the standard size of the card and employ a 3.5-inch long and 4-inch height print out that is folded over.

Business Card Quantities

Business cards are not purchased as single items. These cards are to be handed out frequently, after a new client or business meeting, networking events or as a simple form of contact information for any new connection. That is why bulk business card quantity purchases are common. Common business card quantities are 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000. Higher quantities can be purchased as multiple orders.

Custom Business Cards

Different business card sizes, finishes, stocks and custom attributes showcase how your card will be a truly custom product. Rounded card edges, folded cards, high-end finishes and so much more can be implemented into your card selection. Your custom business cards will perfectly resemble your character, commitment to quality and unique preference. At PrintHound, we take pride in delivering stunning and custom business card printing services to a diverse range of clients. Contact Print Hound with your business card printing needs today.

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