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Business cards offer a professional and personal way to provide contact information for your business efforts. Business cards are small and inexpensive print products that can be ideal for closing client meeting or for networking. Business cards showcase that you are prepared and that you take the meeting seriously.

There are a number of design options that you can select to make your business cards a one-of-a-kind item. Varying finishes, stocks, and design options can make your cards stand out amongst the crowd. Business card design and printing services are key to making sure your cards are as high quality as possible.

You can trust your business card design and print needs to PrintHound. Our team offers innovative technologies and in-house service, which lead to some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.


Business Card Stocks

The stock of the business card refers to the relative thickness of the card. Business card stock is most often measured in “points”.  Points refer to thousandths of an inch. For example, a card that holds a 16 pt. thickness will be 0.016 inches thick. You can select a specific card thickness for your custom business cards. 10 pt. up to 16 pt. are commonly available and thicknesses up to 32 pt. can be made available on specialty order. Another way to measures the density, but both specifically the thickness of a card is referred to a “pound”. A card’s poundage measures the amount that 500 of the specific cards will weigh.


Business Card Design

The design of your business card defines the colours, layout, and space ratios of your card. Cards can be designed with completely custom designs and can be single or double sided. Designs that focus more on a full bleed colour with smaller text can promote the logo better and can create a more elegant look. Though, cards that are colourful and creatively designed can be more eye-catching. The key considerations when designing your business cards are that they provide the required information and resemble your brand identity. Business card design needs to represent you, your business and your clientele. A professional graphic designer can work with you to design your business cards. 


Business Card Finishes

Business cards can be manufactured and designed with a number of custom finishes. Some of these business card finishes are:

Foil – A foil finish provides an aluminum texture to some aspect of your card. Foil can be most effective within die-cuts or over logos.

Matte – A matte finish can look softer and more professional. These soft and stylish cards show that your business is truly professional. An aqueous layer is applied to the surface of cards to create the matte look and soft touch.

UV Gloss – Gloss cards can pop out at the recipient. Gloss cards can be most effective at networking events as it allows cards to stand out amongst several others.

Silk Laminate – Silk laminate business cards allow your cards to promote an elegant and soft touch. Applying an ultrathin layer of plastic on top of the card creates the silk look.

Linen – Linen is a classic business card texture that creates a cloth-like look on your card. The slight cross hatching and unique texture that linen finishes offer can make your cards more memorable.

Die Cutting – Die cutting is done by a machine that uses a special cutting “die” to remove upper layers of a card. The die-cut removes a specific section from your card and creates a layered look and feel.  Die cutting can be used to lower the logo or text into the card. For more information on custom business card finishes, contact PrintHound Production House today!


Benefits Of A Business Card  

Business cards will forever be more personable and impactful than an online connection. Business cards are direct and are backed by your previous conversation. Business cards can also be shared past your initial connection, thus providing further marketing and brand exposure benefits. Carrying business cards shows that you value your new connection and that you were prepared for the meeting. Contact Print Hound today with your business card printing needs, we provide stock solutions and custom business card printing in Calgary, help to effectively brand and market local businesses.

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