Whether you are a startup or an established company, a brochure still remains a very effective way to communicate what your business is all about. If done right, a brochure can elevate your brand identity with your customer better than any other marketing tool.


In a rush? we can make the impossible possible! Our rush printing never compromises on quality.

Brochures can be designed and printed in a variety of formats:

Calgary Booklet Brochure

Booklet Brochure

Choose from stapled, saddle stitched, and spiral bound to get your brochure to match your budget. This product is especially recommended for those printing for real estate, architecture or photography businesses. Let us help you explore printing on special paper stock to elevate your brochure to that next level.

Calgary Tri-Fold Brochure Printing

Tri-fold or Z fold Brochure

Provides 6 sides of design to hold a lot of content and information. This is the option to consider if you want to communicate your products and services in a clear, effective format that won’t leave any important information out.

Calgary Brochure Printing

Bi-fold Brochure

Provides 4 sides of design – Cost effective and can be printed on the same day.

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