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Company cars are key for logistics, transportation, and often storage. Though, these vehicles can become even more useful, as well as remain in good condition for longer, with the use of a vehicle-branding wrap. Car wraps from PrintHound are designed to custom and printed to help your vehicles become an effective marketing tool. A well-branded vehicle of car wrap helps to convert leads while operating the day-to-day of a business, acting like a giant billboard wherever the vehicle goes.

Full car wraps are comprehensive vinyl covers that offer immense design freedom as well as a protective surface layer for the vehicle. Partial wraps can be made of vinyl wraps that cover certain areas or of large stickers and vehicle decals. A partial wrap may lack in regards to vehicle protection, though can still be very effective and a less costly vehicle branding alternative.

At PrintHound, we want to help your business get the most from its vehicles. We can help with the design of the wrap as well as with the complete production and installation of the finished product. Contact the experts at PrintHound Production House with your custom vehicle branding needs.

Full Car Wrap

Full car wraps allow your car to stand out against any vehicle on the road. Full wraps are commonly made out of either cast or calendered vinyl, where a cast wrap is more durable, though calendered car wrap is less costly. Full car wraps can also be designed around the goals and objectives of the business, while designed to stand out or convert leads. The designs can incorporate unique imagery; branded designs and calls-to-action that help your business grow while protecting the vehicle from road debris. Vinyl car wraps are removable, which means the wrap will only increase the future resale value of the vehicle. Vinyl wraps are common for leases or fleet vehicles. Vinyl wraps can also provide unique textured designs and coatings that cannot be achieved by paint.

Partial Car Wrap

Partial car wraps cover less than 75% of the vehicle and are still more comprehensive than separate decals or stickers. Partial wraps are perfect for branding the rear portion of a car so that is best viewed in traffic. These wraps can be more durable than a sticker piece and are more affordable than a full vehicle wrap. Partial wraps can utilise QR codes, URLs contact information and others call-to-actions that a full wrap offers, though the material will only span across a specified portion of the car.

Car Wrap Design

Customs car wrap designs can utilise a number of artistic and strategic aspects to attract attention, maintain a professional brand image and boost sales. Though, to create an effective wrap, some key aspects will be required. These are 7 key aspects of a branded car wrap design:

  • Contact Information – No matter how attractive a wrap is, without context or contact information, the wrap is made ineffective. Utilise phone numbers, website URLs, social media handles and even emails to ensure interested consumers can reach you.
  • Online Presence – If your business has a website or any social media pages, display them on the wrap. This helps the wrap lead to increased online exposure and interaction.
  • Call-To-Action – Remind viewers of the wrap to contact you with a specific and concise call-to-action.
  • Logo & Brand Name – Never neglect your logo or brand name. Viewers need to know exactly who you are.
  • Service or Slogan – Single word service deceptions or a slogan helps provide context to the business. If you offer a distinct competitive advantage over your competition, this can be included as well. Though, limit the text in the design as much as possible to make sure the wrap is not overwhelming. Save service descriptions and further content for informational print products.
  • Accreditations – Showcasing your BBB or other accreditations as well as any industry related rewards helps associate an immediate level of professionalism and trust with your business.
  • Creativity – Take a creative approach and incorporate these aspects into a unique overall design. Consider your brand colours, your logo and what information is most important. Do not go with a design that you are not fully satisfied with.

If you are need of professional car wrap design service, feel free to contact PrintHound today.

Car Wrap Installation

The installation of a vinyl car wrap is a rather extensive process, which when mishandled can lead to wrinkled, damaged or distorted wraps. This is the process involved with properly installing a cast vinyl car wrap:

  • Exterior Preparation – Once the vinyl is produced the exterior of the car must be prepped. An alcohol-based cleaner is used and then all scratches, dents and rusted areas are repaired. Next, all exterior moulds and mirrors are removed, this helps increase the efficiency of the application and improve the look of the finished wrap.
  • Measure & Plan – Vinyl wraps are never applied before a complete application plan is created with all specific vehicle measurements taken into account. Professionals will apply a wrap in a different order and have different starting points, depending on the measurements of the car.
  • Initial Application – The vinyl has a powerful adhesive applied to one side. Once exposed the material is stuck to the planned portions of the car. Wrinkles must be carefully avoided to receive a clean and finished look. A Teflon squeegee is then used to fully smooth the vinyl surface.
  • Stretch & Cut – Heat is applied to the vinyl to stretch it out and to shrink it back into shape. This creates a more durable seal and a more “painted on” look. Small cuts around exterior car lights are then applied to finish the application. In some applications, special treatments for seams between pieces will also be required.
  • Removal – When cast vinyl is removed it can be done completely with no residue or damage left behind. The vinyl protects the vehicle while it is applied, and does zero damage during the removal. This allows the vinyl to effectively increase the resale value of your car.

Car Wraps in Calgary

Vinyl car wraps are an effective form of vehicle branding. The wraps help drive sales, increase exposure and associate professionalism with your brand perception. Car wraps are ideal for engaging local markets, as the wraps will be seen on local roads or in local communities. This helps evoke trust with your brand when an individual sees your business driving around Calgary or at a neighbouring property. Calgary is also a hardworking city, full of entrepreneurial and skilled individuals. A professionally designed, produced and installed car wrap can help your business stand out above the competition.


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