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For years, trade show booths have helped businesses connect with a variety of consumers. Tradeshows qualify consumers, by centralising a number of industry providers. Various banners, backdrops and swag items can be used to create a complete and professional booth. With a well designed, built and presented trade show booth, your brand can see major benefits in regards to exposure, networking, and overall sales.

Tradeshow booths become more detailed and high quality each year. Damaged materials, dated logos or designs, an awkward booth flow as well as a lacklustre staff can all deplete the positive impact of your booth. Having your brand stand out for all the wrong reasons with a subpar trade show booth can limit your exposure and likelihood of closing well-qualified leads. At PrintHound we can help with all your custom trade show printing needs, ensuring you have all the tools needed for a successful trade show.

Trade Show Booth Design

The design, flow and overall theme of the trade show booth will dictate how the booth is perceived and interacted with. These are 5 essential aspects of a trade show booth.

  • Booth Printing – Banners, backdrops, flags, and other booth printing items are extremely useful in regards to attracting booth attendance, establishing a professional presence, informing walk-by traffic about your business and outlining key attributes of products displays.
  • Staff– The placement of your booth staff is key to the flow of the booth. Consider proposed entry and exit points or an open design with centralised staff.
  • Interactive Displays – Displays that aim to outline the strategic advantage of your products can be key to gaining consumer trust. Let the consumer touch and feel the advantages you provide.
  • Product Displays – Display your product in good light and with aesthetic shelving.
  • Takeaways & Swag Items – Swag is key for a consumer to remember your brand. Smaller swag items can be used as mass giveaways, while very interested booth attendees can be presented more high quality and impactful swag items.

An effective trade show design will work to promote a natural flow and engagement paths while incorporating these aspects under a consistent branding.

Trade Show Booth Printing

Several print items can be used in a trade show booth. Different print materials can be better for attracting attention, informing consumers, outlining interactive activities and for keeping your brand top of mind well after the event ends. Consider each of these effective print materials for your next tradeshow:

  • Booth Backdrop – The booth backdrop spans across the rear of your booth. This material is most commonly made of 13oz vinyl and is often the first thing attendees notice as they approach your booth.
  • Banners & Flags – Banners can be used to promote items, provide information about item benefits and instruct through interactive efforts. Banners can be made of vinyl for the best image quality, fabric for the most upscale appeal and mesh for the most functional outdoor option. Banners can also be made with 16oz. or thicker vinyl and then installed with grommets to be hung up as a large flag in the trade show. Stand-based flags tend to be quite tall, which makes them very effective in attracting walk by traffic or by helping interested attendees find your booth.
  • Posters – Posters are large enough to capture the attention of attendees, though are small enough that they can be used a complementary item to product displays or interactive activities. Posters can utilise high-quality imagery and concise information to highlight the benefits of your business or specific products.
  • Flyers & Brochures – These are great for offering take away informational outlets. These items allow potential clients to further explore the advantages of your offerings. Flyers & brochures can be great for helping convert highly involved consumers.
  • Swag Items –  Tote Bags, Pens, USBs, Mugs, T-shirts and several other items can be efficiently used as takeaways or booth swag. Swag items have long lasting impacts, as they will likely be used again in the future, where your brand is consistently made visible to a previously qualified consumer.

Trade Show Booth Tips

Consider these 6 great tips to get the most from your next tradeshow booth design and trade show sales efforts:

  • Unique Booth Design – Booth designs need to stand out and be adaptable. Utilise designs and materials that can suit several booth spaces and be creative with your designs pieces. A booth that stands out showcases a company with creativity, passion and expertise.
  • High-Quality Swag – Utilise swag items that will not be thrown out. Even in regards to useful items invest in high-quality swag materials to ensure your items stand out amongst the rest. Always utilise “mass” and “big prize” items so that you can still have the best swag around without breaking your budget.
  • Promote Engagement – Utilise games, contests or other interactive activities to promote booth engagement and make your booth experience much more memorable. Prizes for games and contests can also drive an immense amount of booth attendees.
  • Demonstrate – Showcase the cooperative advantages of your business or products with demonstrations. Demonstrations can showcase power, durability, effectiveness, efficiency and innovation. Demonstrations are also much more effective at communication benefits than other informational outlets.
  • High-Tech Aspects – Digital elements are becoming an increasingly popular way to gain interaction for trade show booths. QR codes, touch screens, design apps and more can help promote an upscale feel in your booth while improving attendee interaction.
  • Promote The Booth – Utilise promotional outlets to let consumers know you will be at the tradeshow. Tradeshow brochures, social media outlets, blogs posts and other exposure outlets can help you promote your booth and interest prospective clients in the days that lead up to the event.

Renting vs. Owning a Tradeshow Booth

One of the largest decisions associated with your trade show design is whether the booth materials should be purchased or rented. Here are some pros and cons of renting vs. buying your trade show booth:

  • Renting – Renting equipment reduces the need for storage and can be much more cost effective for companies that do not attend events frequently. Renting items will be diverse yet made with templates, which reduces the amount of customisation your booth can offer.
  • OwningTradeshow printing efforts can be made more personalised and effective when the materials, stands and backdrops are owned. This pure customisation does make owning your booth materials more costly to maintain and alter. Renting a both places some level of uncertainty in the initial condition of the booth, while owning the materials ensure that the condition consistently understood.

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