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Digital printing is a form of printing that uses digital technology to apply images directly to media. Digital printing is usually done by a professional printing company and can consist of small-run jobs and large-format printing and/or high-volume jobs. Digital printing is usually more costly than traditional printing methods, but the price of digital printing is often offset by avoiding costly printing plates and materials. One of the key advantages of digital printing is it allows for on-demand printing, which leads to a short turnaround time, quick delivery and relatively easy modifications of the image if need be. Though the digital printing equipment can be more costly the savings in labor cost and the ever-improving technology of digital printing allow digital printing companies like PrintHound the ability to produce larger print runs at a lower cost while producing several thousand sheets quickly.

Get the highest quality digital printing services from PrintHound Production House. We offer digital printing for nearly any application, whether you are looking for standard business cards and promotional items or a custom vehicle wrap we can provide a digital printing solution for you, providing delivery in tight deadlines.

Digital Printing Process

There are a number of differences between digital printing and traditional printing, most of the differences make digital printing more favorable. One of the advantages of digital printing is that there are no printing plates that need to be replaced. Because of this, digital printing provides a faster turn-around time and a lower cost for the client. One of the downfalls of digital printing, when compared to traditional printing, is the loss of fine image detail. One of the most popular forms of digital printing includes inkjet/laser printers that deposit pigment onto paper, photo paper, canvas, glass, metal, marble, or another printable substance.

During the digital printing process, the ink/toner does not permeate, like conventional printing does. Digital printing forms a thin layer of ink/toner on the surface of the printable material using a fuser fluid with heat process or a UV curing system.

Digital Printing For Businesses

At PrintHound Production House, our digital printing services focus on the needs of business owners. We help provide documents and print solutions that are used in every business, every day. Our digital printing solutions help businesses market, improve internal systems and create a customized branding package. We use the best and most state-of-the-art technology available, on top of our modern print house, we also offer industry leading quality and customer service. At PrintHound we provide Calgary and surrounding areas with premium digital printing solutions that are tailored to the needs of our clients. The digital printing services we offer are perfect for small businesses and large corporations, use our printing services for corporate documents, architecture designs, engineering & construction plans, print marketing materials and promotional items.

Custom Digital Printing

Use the custom digital printing services at PrintHound to make a lasting impression on your clients with custom graphics, branded plans, short-run printing, bindery or other business solutions. At PrintHound we pride ourselves on the long-standing relationships we build with local businesses, our print shop provides cost-effective and competitive pricing, with strategic direct marketing services. At PrintHound we cover the entire printing process from design to production.

Express/Rush Digital Printing

One of the main advantages of digital printing is the quick turn around time. If you require rush printing you get what you need, when you need it when you work with PrintHound. No matter what your run size is, large or small our team of printing professionals can handle your print project from a single sign to a thousand business cards. On-demand printing is quick and means you don’t have to worry about storing the print materials if you require printing services in a hurry contact PrintHound for digital printing in Calgary.

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