Door Hangers

Various print products are effective for of direct and local advertising. Traditional print marketing is great for branding and sharing information. One example of print materials aimed at driving sales and engaging local clients is using door hangers. Door hangers can be some of the most effective and targetable print products available, as they create an action.

These materials guarantee your brand will come in contact with your desired consumers. A business owner is able to target their clients by selecting the homes they wish to market to and placing the hanger on the household.

At PrintHound Production House your door hangers will be designed custom, ensuring they reflect your brand, offering, and message. At PrintHound we can offer custom door hanger design and print services, or you can submit your own design/ideas to us. Contact us today to discuss our rush printing options.

Types of Door Hangers

There are several different door hanger options available, each option varies in price, but the cost may be worth the potential return, as they can better represent your brand and campaign goals. Different door hanger finishes can help your product stand out and better market the offering. Different door hanger sizes can be better for different designs, layout and objectives. These are 3 common sizes of door hangers.

  • 3.5” x 8.5” – This is the most common and door hanger size selected by business owners. These offer effective custom layouts for a variety of great design options.
  • 5.25” x 8.5” – With a wider design area, these door hangers can be more effective for larger images. A unique door hanger size can also stand out in a bundle.
  • 4” x 11”  – This door hanger offers a similar layout to the 3.5” x 8.5” option but offers more elongated space for taller or vertical imagery, stacked text, and information details.

Advantages of Door Hangers

Door hangers have visibility and engagement advantages that other forms of print marketing do not. There are a number benefits of door hangers, consider these advantages of door hangers when you are deciding what form of direct or print marketing is best for your business.

  • Guaranteed Contact – Unlike newspaper ads, flyer bundles, large banners and mail outs, door hangers are hand placed directly on the door handle of home or business. This ensures that the homeowner/business owner will engage with the print marketing/company increasing the likelihood of conversion. 
  • Cost Effective – Door hangers can cost much less than $0.50 per piece and the cost per product ratio continues to drop with larger orders. Door hangers provide exposure and drive conversions for projects and services while being more cost effective and costing much less than other print and digital marketing options. Door hangers can also be produced as a “rush printing” item.
  • Increase Exposure – Letting customers know your working in the area boost the local exospore and brand awareness of a business. When individuals see you working on a neighbor’s property, and a door hanger on their door, they can be promoted to hire you for their next project.  
  • Service And Company Information – Door hangers can be perfect for displaying important company, service or sale information in an engaging and efficient manner.

Door Hanger Stock

The stock of paper refers to how dense and rigid the material will be. Pound and point are two terms used to define print material stock. Pounds refer to how many pounds, 500 sheets of a certain paper thickness would weigh. The thickness of most door hangers is defined by points (pt.).  A point refers to a thousandth of an inch, so a product that is 16pt. is 0.016 inches thick. A thicker door hanger stock can be more professional and memorable, though they are often more costly depending on the order size. 10pt. and 14pt. stocks are both common with door hanger printing.  

Door Hanger Design

Door hangers by PrintHound are customized to suit your preferences and best reflect your campaign/business. Door hangers should always be high resolution, branded and to the point. Utilize a strong image to catch the attention of the prospective viewer. Make sure a direct call to action is displayed on the door hanger to promote future calls and sales, making them an effective marketing material. At PrintHound, we are here to help design your door hangers, using custom digital printing to produce the product. We also accept existing design files and are able to provide 24-hour rush printing when needed. 


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