One ideal way to get some much-needed attention to your business, project or special event is by making use of banners or flags. Flags are often the first impression that new customers get regarding your business, so it is essential, if not critical to have all flags done by a reliable professional service.

Banner printing basically contains printed information regarding your logo and marketing message. The information is typically screen printed in catchy colors and on a durable material to make sure it lasts. There are many different types of banners but two of the most popular designs are teardrop banner flags and feather banner flags.

Both have pros and cons for every business, therefore, entrepreneurs and business owners are often advised to weigh their options carefully when picking their choice of banners. So, which should you pick- teardrop or feather flag banners?


Feather Flags

Although both can be used effectively for both indoor and outdoor advertising, the two flag designs are actually quite different. Feather flag banners, which are also called angled flag banners, are shaped like a feather or a narrow rectangle. Their lengths vary but the width is generally the same.

Where To Use Feather Flags

  • Apartment complex
  • New home communities
  • Permanent setups

Feather Banner Flag Pros

  • They are a good choice if you need a long-term display in one location.
  • They have optional flag sizes and heights due to the telescoping pole.
  • You only need to set it up and forget it.
  • They are economical and are great for visibility.

Feather Banner Flag Cons

  • They are not ideal for same day set up and pull down.
  • The permanent ground option requires that you dig a hole and possibly fill it with cement.
  • The flags drop in absence of wind.
  • They are hard to pack and transport.


Teardrop Flags

On the other hand, teardrop banners are shaped just as the name suggests. The teardrop banners also come in varying heights and widths and are also available in a wide range of bases from X- bases with sandbags to simple ground spike bases.

Where To Use Teardrop Flags

  • On roadsides
  • Team sporting events
  • Indoor trade shows fairs and events

Teardrop Banner Flag Pros

  • Extremely easy to set up (3 minutes or less).
  • You only need a hammer to set up
  • Does not need wind to stay visible
  • Easy to pack and transport
  • Has a lot of space to accommodate design work

Teardrop Banner Flag Cons

  • Is slightly more expensive than feather drop
  • Regular adjustments have to be made.

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