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Print materials have always been a tangible, aesthetic and personable way to market a business and promote specific products or services. Two forms of marketing materials that can be very effective are flyers and brochures. These materials are cost-effective, can be mass distributed as well as utilise stunning imagery and concise information to promote your business. Flyers and brochures are a great way to promote a brand to a local community promoting the business in a targeted geographic location.

Flyers are commonly one-page sheets that can be single or double sided. A brochure commonly incorporates three or even four panels to offer a more extensive and informative representation of a business, product or service. Each of these can be designed custom and printed using variable material sizes and/or paper stocks.

Not sure which material is better for you and your business needs? Read through some of the pros and cons of both materials as well as how to design a flyer or brochure that is stunning, effective and impactful. For more information on brochure and flyer printing services, contact PrintHound Production House!


Flyers can be used as mail outs, door-to-door print marketing, or event takeaways. Flyers can also be used as complimentary items inciting repeat business after an initial project or as an informative material attached to a sales presentation. These are some of the benefits of using flyers for your business:

  • Simplicity – Flyers capture attention and are simple to read. Large fonts, limited text and crisp images make these great for exposure, information and sales conversions.
  • Cost-Effective – Flyers are one of the least expensive materials to print. For example, at PrintHound, we offer flyer print packages starting at just $14.00!
  • Customizable – Flyers are not templated or restricted. They can incorporate any custom design you see fit.
  • Efficiently Produced – Flyers can be printed fast and in large run sizes. Flyers are one of the print items that are most commonly rush-printed.
  • Adaptable – Flyers can be used in a variety of locations and serve a variety of purposes. Studies show that flyers can be most effective when personally handed out after an initial meeting.


Brochures have several panels, which make them ideal for showcasing an array of information or aesthetic imagery. These materials offer a custom and in-depth look into your business, service and/or product. These are 5 key advantages of utilising brochures in your print marketing mix:

  • Easily Distributed – Brochures can be strategically placed in several locations, such as storefronts, presentation folders, event booths and more. This ensures that there are several opportunities to provide qualified consumers with important information.
  • Personalised – The unique print style and design shape of brochures make them extremely customisable. Brochures effectively offer 6 panels of design space, which can be produced anywhere from blank to a full bleed image to full of text.
  • Fast & Inexpensive – Unlike large pieces of print or print products that are made from more costly materials, brochures can be produced quite efficiently and at a relatively small cost.
  • Immense Design Space – The several panels of a brochure allow for much more information or separate images to be used that a single page print item. These can be much more informative, which can display a high level of business transparency, knowledge and honesty. Specific business offerings and competitive advantages can also be highlighted by using large fonts or by placing this information on the opening panel.
  • Establish Credibility – The amount of content delivered by a brochure showcase the in-depth capabilities, and knowledge of an organisation. These materials establish authority and trust with a consumer. A consumer considering a large project may more easily dismiss a less informative piece.

How To Make An Effective Flyer & Brochure

Regardless of whether your business needs flyers or brochures, the material will lack the desired results if they are poorly designed. Make sure your brochures and/or flyers are effective by following these simple design tips.

  • Design For Function – Designs need to be visually pleasing, branded and attention grabbing. Though if the desired message or information is missed due to a distracting design, the material is ineffective.
  • Utilise Grids – Grids outline specific space allowances for specific design elements. They help ensure that the space on the piece is effectively allocated. These can become more important for print that serves as an info-graphic or as part of a presentation, rather than a mass distributed and conversion-focussed piece.
  • Banded Colour Pallets – Do not use colours that are solely aimed at capturing attention. Use colours that are clean, resemble your band and work well together. This helps associate your brand with the print and helps ensure that your piece is not overwhelming, distracting, difficult to read or confusing.
  • Incorporate Online – Display your website URL and or branded Social Media outlets to help the print reach further and for longer durations.
  • Choose Pictures Wisely – People are drawn to image before text. A consumer’s initial perception of the piece may be based on a single image. Don’t now use low-quality images, images of disheartened individuals or other images that display anything negative.
  • Make It Memorable – If a consumer enters a trade show or is entertaining a number of project quotes, they will likely receive flyers or brochures from more than one business. Incorporate creative designs, strategic offerings, unique stocks and other customisable options to make your print jump off the page. Take time to consider your competitions print materials, to see how you can stand out against a lacking design or material quality.

For professional assistance regarding your print material designs, contact PrintHound today.

Flyers vs. Brochures

When considering whether flyers or brochures are “better”, the answer lies in the goal and objective of the print material. Flyers are single, unfolded sheets that can offer one or two large design panels. Brochures are single sheets, with two or three folds that can offer between 6 and 8 design panels. Flyers are slightly lower costs to produce, though cannot incorporate the same amount of content. Brochures are more informative and credible, though cannot capture the attention of consumer like a large ad simple flyer design. In conclusion, flyers are great for driving initial calls while brochures are better for converting already interested costumers.

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