Rush Printing

Often times, businesses and individuals are provided opportunities where print products will help them make the most of an experience or time sensitive campaign. Though many of these opportunities are presented without warning and the subsequent print materials are needed quickly. This is where rush-printing services come into play.

Many print providers work with third party production facilities. This can slow down booth production and shipping time. At PrintHound, we utilise in-house printers to make sure your print production needs are handled efficiently and in a time sensitive manner. Our digital printers are able to craft crisp images in immense quantities, from a number of different materials and sizes. If you are in need or a rush or even 24-hour print products, contact PrintHound Production House today!

What Is Rush Printing?

There are a variety of custom print projects and print materials available, from brochures to business cards, apparel to signage. Many projects begin with an initial consultation to discuss any needed design files or design work as well as the desired materials. These processes can take several days before the print production begins. When rush printing is required, the processes are made much more efficient. Clients often have the design files prepared and know what style of print they need, and the production is handled as quickly as possible. At PrintHound our in-house digital production machines and experienced staff can offer some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

24 Hour Printing

Resourcing print materials can often slip the mind of business owners and/or individuals when preparing for an event, often materials are needed last minute to improve the effectiveness of an event or campaign. Tradeshows or busy work seasons often require effective print marketing materials. There are even times when an individual will need a print product made in a day, that is where 24-hour printing services are a necessity. At PrintHound Production House, we can service a number of 24-hour print needs. Business cards, flyers and brochure orders that have files prepared can often be printed in the same 24-hours or even less! Contact PrintHound today to discuss our rush and 24-hours printing options.

Products Available For Rush Printing

Some print items are not available for rush print. Large-format printing and very large run sizes can often take more time and cannot be offered as a rush job. These are the materials we can offer as a “rush” printing project.

  • Marketing materials such as 14pt and 16pt business card, flyers, brochures, small posters, and tent cards can often be printed very quickly.
  • Swag items for tradeshows can also be efficiently produced. These can include mugs, pens, USBs, and so much more.

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