Sidewalk Signs

A-frame signs are so called because they assume the shape of letter ‘A’ when viewed from the side. These kinds of signs are popular and very widespread in all types of businesses; banks, bookstores, restaurants, hospitals, and so on.

A-frame signs are also commonly called sidewalk signs and are very versatile and can be very beneficial for small businesses and local shops. They can be easily deployed in a wide range of settings, both indoors and outdoors. It is also relatively easy to change the message on the sign. They command more attention than window display signs as their standalone nature makes them visual focal points.

At PrintHound, we have different types of sidewalk signs that you can easily deploy to attract sidewalk attention and pull in curious customers and street traffic. Whatever setting you want to place your sidewalk sign, we have an appropriate design.


Sidewalk Sign Designs


Plastic Sidewalk Signs

Plastic sidewalk signs are popular for outdoor use. Made of polyethylene, these signs are rugged and can withstand harsh weather and treatment. They are widely used in outdoor signage like in garages, construction zones.

Metal Sidewalk Signs

These types of sidewalk signs are more visually appealing than the plastic types. Aluminum snap-open frames are most commonly used. The sign is designed to display a poster behind a protective clear lens. Graphics can be changed easily by flipping open the four corners.

There is also a kind of sign that comes with a magnetic lens which sticks to a steel backer.

Changeable Letter Boards

If you need more lines of text, for example, to inform your customers of different discounts running, a changeable letter board is appropriate. It makes easy to read and visually attractive advertisements. This type of sidewalk sign comes with free-form letters and number to help make custom messages.

Sidewalk Marker Boards

This kind of sidewalk sign comes with a marker board for free handwriting. These signs are commonly used in the hospitality industry especially pubs and restaurants.  The good thing about them is that messages can be written and deleted quickly and easily. It is common to see funny quotes and puns on these boards. In the hands of a creative person, this sign can be very effective in pulling sidewalk traffic.

It is important that you be aware of regulations regarding outdoor advertisement in your area before placing outdoor signs. Different towns and cities have different zoning laws regarding the type and size of outdoor signage.

Whatever sidewalk sign design you choose, we are here to help you come up with visually appealing outdoor signs that will easily pull traffic into your business.



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