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Are you looking for high-quality stationery products in Calgary? Look no further than PrintHound Production House for stationery products are of various types, sizes, and shapes. Custom stationery products include paper, letterheads, presentation folders, envelopes among and other versatile office supplies. At Print Hound in Calgary, we offer a wide selection of stationery products. Whether you are looking for specialized paper, letterheads, business cards or pens among other necessary items, we got you covered and provide them at attractive pricing especially for bulk buying. Here are the various products we offer:

Custom Letterheads

Paper is very important for printing services. We producte custom letterheads that come in different sizes and shapes and can be a copy or multipurpose paper for normal business documents or specialized paper such as the one used in tracking point-of-sale transactions and receipts as well as preprinted forms. Besides these papers, there is also the high-quality paper used for letter writing and photo printing paper. Basically, we stock all types of paper in its various weights, shapes, colors, sizes and finishes.

General Stationery Products

These include general office supplies as well as the essential stationery for your home. The supplies include such things as pens, books, envelopes, letter openers, staplers and staples, paper punchers, and office glues among others. These assist you in your day-to-day corresponds and business related work whether you are working in your office or at home.

Business Cards

Nothing shows off your professional capacity as a business card. Apart from the business card printing services that we offer, we also stock business cards with which you can create a custom design and show off your professional credentials and use in expanding your professional network.

Presentation Folders

Being a printing center, you bet we have toner and inkjet cartridges! These are great to use on your printer at home or in the office to enable you to print documents easily especially at short notice. We stock the cartridges, fussers and maintenance kits to help you clean and maintain your printer for better printing services.

Note Pads

These are another stationery product that we offer that is of great importance to businesses. We stock different types of rubber stamps that you may prefer including standard, customized and self-inking stamps with specifications including font size, logo or images often customized.

Custom Envelopes

Therefore, to experience stationery products as great as our printing services, pay us a visit and view the range of products we have in stock. You can also send your enquiry to

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