Tradeshow Printing & Materials

Are you entering a tradeshow for your business? Tradeshows are wonderful opportunities to showcase your brand and products to a number of qualified and interested customers. Though, without a quality booth and the proper representation of your business, your tradeshow efforts could yield lackluster results.

Tradeshow printing helps with booth designs, attracting possible customers to your business by creating impactful takeaway, relevant information, and promotional items that represent the business while leave a lasting impression. Utilize a variety of custom print products to attract, engage and convert clients to your business. The custom tradeshow printing experts at PrintHound Production House can make sure your tradeshow print needs are met with high-quality products that are custom made based on your size and material selections.

Banner Stands

There are a number of banner materials, styles and sizes to select for your tradeshow booth. Roll up banners are quickly rolled out and retracted into their base and can be designed with very in-depth and custom imagery. Pop-up banners are efficient to set up, can be made with a range of stand styles and provide an impactful image that represents the brand or service.  A hung up banner can be seen from adjacent isles and attract tradeshow visors from afar and bring the to your booth. Banner printing can be custom designed and printed to your exact size specifications on a range of materials, including vinyl, paper, fabric, and polyester.

Custom Booth Printing

Whether your booth has a level of interaction, or is simply well designed, with branded materials backed with knowledgeable and friendly staff, your printing needs should be tailored to express a consistent message. Your tradeshow printing needs to resemble your logo, your brand identity and or your products or services. Your booth backdrop, table throw and banners can all be designed custom to reflect your business and your level of service. At PrintHound, our custom tradeshow booths and tradeshow printing services are not a template. It is designed around your specific needs and with our state of the art in-house print services as well as skilled technicians; we offer same day or one-day turnaround.

Pop-Up Banners

The term pop-up banner refers to the style of stand banners are held by. Pop-up stands are easily assembled in X-banner, A-frames and L-frame styles. Pop up banners can be reused after tradeshows for office space advertising, other tradeshows and for outdoor events that you either attend or sponsor.  Common widths for pop up banners are 1.5, 2 and 3 feet. Common heights for pop up banners are 3, 4, 6 and 8. The ratios of the banner sizes can be selected to best suit your design and budget. Pop up banners also allow for easy storage and travel as the can retract into very small and manageable sizes.

Promotional Items

Booth takeaways or swag items can be key for a booth that converts. 3 key components of takeaways that make them effective are, price-effective to not overextend your budgets, intriguing and useful so that they are used and seen in the future as well as branded to consistently express a message for your business. Your takeaways not only keep you top of mind as attendees leave the trade show but also become promotional items for all those that see the product in future use. Effective takeaways can be pens, mugs, key chains, USB ports, magnets, tote bags and even t-shirts. To utilize the highest end takeaways that will still be cost effective, it is recommended that you have general stock of less costly items, and then supply your more interested customers with higher quality swag.

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