Vehicle Wraps

Applying some sort of vehicle wrap printing on to your company vehicles can offer a number of great benefits. Vehicle branding can lead to a more professionally perceived business, more brand exposure and more sales. Vehicle wraps can be applied in full or partial wraps or as decal images.

A common misconception about vehicle wraps is that they are only suitable for large vehicles. Small vehicles can be effectively wrapped an offer the same exposure advantages. Vehicle wraps help you get the most out of any company car, van or truck.

You can trust PrintHound to provide you with a high quality, custom designed and perfectly installed vehicle wrap. We can help with the design or if you have the files ready, we are happy to simply create the wrap and apply it to your vehicle. Call or email PrintHound today with your vehicle branding questions or needs.

Full Vehicle Wraps

Full vehicle wraps are made by completely covering the vehicle in a branded design. These wraps cover your vehicle from front to back, and from top to bottom. Vehicles that are completely wrapped can often be the most eye-catching.  A full vehicle wrap also offers protection as the wrapping material takes the brunt of all your rocks and other road debris that could otherwise scratch the surface of your vehicle. Your full wrap is designed to meet your marketing goals, through promoting specific or 24 services, unknown company benefits or the wrap can simply promote your brand awareness, with a stunning design and the appropriate contact information.

Partial Vehicle Wraps

Partial wraps are designed similar to full wraps but can be less costly and only cover between 25% and 75% of your vehicle. These wraps can still be very eye-catching for pedestrians, neighbors at you job sites and other drivers. The wraps can also work effectively with the true color of the car to create a complete vehicle branding design. One downside to partial vehicle wrap is that the wrap will not offer the same levels of protection that a full vinyl wrap can.

Vehicle Decals

Unlike stickers that are applied with an adhesive, vehicle decals can be printed on special paper and are transferred onto the vehicle’s side. Decals are meant to showcase a logo and or contact information from your business on to your car. Decals are commonly 12” tall and 18” wide, though speciality sizes can be ordered. Decals can be the most cost-effective form of vehicle branding though offer limited vehicle protection.

Car Wrap Materials

Car wraps are commonly made from two variable vinyl materials.  Cast vinyl and calendered vinyl can both be ideal for your vehicle branding needs. There are a few types of vehicle wraps to consider prior to committing to a material or design:

  • Cast – Cast vinyl films are made by combing several ingredients including PVC resin, plasticiser, and colorant together with a solvent and then are formed into a vinyl with a variety of process and heat applications. This makes cast vinyl a much durable and sun resistant form of vehicle wrap material.
  • Calendered – Calendered vinyl uses similar ingredients are cast, though fuses them through a melting process and rolls the material out through “calendaring” roller to achieve the thickness and desired vinyl surface finish. This process is less costly though the vinyl produced is less durable than a cast vinyl.

Fleet Vehicle Wraps

A number of vehicles owned by the same company are referred to as the company fleet. Wrapping a fleet with consistent designs creates a level of brand consistency and a professional perception of your brand that unwrapped vehicles simply cannot match. Varying vehicles sizes or purposes can utilize slightly different wrap designs to showcase their specific purposes or to better use vehicle space. A fleet wrap project can be the most effective way to utilize your company vehicles your advertising and branding efforts.

Truck Wraps

For many home and business owners, perception matters. A truck that has been branded through a full or partial wrap or even with business decals can showcase a more trustworthy and professional level of service. Trucks have unique shapes that offer a high level of vehicle branding creativity. Long side panels offer an opportunity for slogans, key services, or for text heavy logos to pop out. Large doors and tailgates can be perfect for listed services or contact information. Trucks offer an ideal base vehicle design for branding.

Benefits Of Vehicle Branding

Vehicle branding helps increase exposure of your business as well as protects your company vehicles. Some key benefits of vehicle branding services are:

  • Local Markets– Your branded vehicles will be seen as your drive around from job site to job site. This allows the vehicles to automatically target individuals within the markets and areas you wish to service.
  • Huge Exposure – Vehicle branding acts as a driving billboard for your company. This allows for your branded vehicle to get your logo, company, and services nearly countless new impressions over the years the wrap can last.
  • One-Time Cost – Unlike other marketing efforts tat require ongoing payments for managed services or only last for specified period without paying more, your vehicle wrap is a one-time-fee. Once the wrap is applied you can enjoy the benefits for free and the wrap can often pay for itself with new business.
  • Non-Aggressive – Vehicle wraps are non-intrusive forms of advertising. Consumers often react better to and place more trust in ads that don’t hold them up, annoy them or otherwise intrude in their days. Rather than popping up in front of consumers, wraps are simply viewed and often enjoyed by different drivers; pedestrians and job site neighbours as they go about their days.
  • Protection – The strong vinyl materials that vehicle wraps are made of can protect your vehicle’s surface from dents and scratches caused by roadside debris.

Custom Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps need to be unique as the brand they represent. The team at Print Hound offers vehicle wraps and branding services that are completely customized to meet your design ideas, budgets, and specified branding goals. You can select the size of the wrap, the colors used, the overall design and the text shown. Your design is crafted custom to suit your business. Your wraps can showcase your levels of professionalism and specific industry advantages to thousands of individuals daily.

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