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Yard signs are commonly used by realtors to announce a property on sale, or open house. They are also widely used in political campaigns. Yard signs command attention when they are placed well and can be utilized for small business to generate and capture local leads.

At PrintHound, we have different types of yard signs which you can pick depending on your budget and where you want to place the sign.


Polyboard Yard Signs

These are made from weather-resistant poster board. This is a special type of durable cardboard product that can withstand moisture due to the weatherproofing. They are popular for their affordability. They can be printed in lower quantity at a lower cost but still offer space for a large signage. Our yard signs have the following characteristics:

  • Our standard Polyboard sign is bigger, 22″x28”
  • Better sign opacity that prevents light shining through and distorting the message.
  • Heavy steel U-frame wires for wind resistance


Corrugated Plastic Yard Signs

These types of yard signs are made of fluted plastic substrate with a smooth printable surface. Plastic yards signs can be printed economically on low runs with as few as 1 sign. We do this with digital printing. Larger quantities can also be printed economically screen printed economically. Our corrugated plastic yard signs have the following characteristics:

  • Can be printed quickly and economically for 1 sign to 1500 signs, depending on the print method.
  • Cheaper in the smallest quantities under 25. This is because plastic can printed digitally.
  • Weatherproof and very durable. They can be used multiple times years.
  • Large size 4’x8′ can be had with a standard print.
  • It is possible to have another background color other than white. Yellow is also commonly used.


 Polybag Yard Signs

These are also called bag signs. They are made from a strong but flexible printed polyethylene over the same U-frame steel wires. This kind of signs will be commonly seen in larger campaigns where more than 1000 signs are needed. They are economical to use when the number is 500 or more.

  • They are very affordable when printed in large runs.
  • They are lightweight, making them ideal for shipping to multiple locations
  • They are interchangeable with Polyboard yard sign wires in the standard size.
  • They offer a wide array of print size options

Whatever the size of yard signs you require, we will ably help you meet your marketing needs. We have specialist designers who will take you from the design stage right to the final product. At PrintHound, we offer a variety of signs and sign options for our clients, if you are looking for sign printing in Calgary contact us and ask us about the printing services we provide our clients.


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