Why Your Company Should Still Use Door Hangers

Why Your Company Should Still Use Door Hangers

Door Hangers

In the age of LED billboards and picture perfect Instagram ads, it is easy to overlook the humble door hanger. This would be a big oversight. Door hangers can still make an impact in your marketing campaigns and prove very advantageous in exposure and costs. This is why you need to reconsider using door hangers for your business.

Better Interaction

A door hanger guarantees visibility and interaction with the audience. This is because the door hanger is basically in the face of the person opening the door. Humans are curious by nature so it is likely that the door hanger will be taken inside for further perusal. There are very few other methods that can guarantee this kind of audience interaction.

Even the neighbors and those who do not have the door hangers on their doors will be curious to know what kind of objects are hanging from their neighbors’ doors.  If you have identified your key markets as specific neighborhoods the door hangers provide very effective direct on-spot targeting.

Cost Effectiveness

Even if you used a few thousand door hangers, the cost would still be lower than what you would pay for a 30-second ad to give the kind of exposure that door hangers give. The kind of targeting possible with door hangers is possible on social media tools like Facebook advertising but comes at a steep cost especially if you are bidding for highly competitive keywords. If you are a small business with a limited market area and a small marketing budget, door hangers can help you do highly effective marketing campaigns at low cost.

Fresh Campaigns, Done Quicker

Door hangers can be quickly put out to inform your current and potential clients of new products/services, offers, and discounts. They offer an efficient method of putting out promotions on holiday specials or limited offers that you would like to work out in a short period.  Hangers are good in reminding your clients to come back for more or make a new appointment.

Brand visibility and loyalty

When your audience sees your hangers frequently, they will subtly file away this information in their minds. The next time they are in need of such products/services, your brand will come to mind as they have seen it and are familiar with it. This is brand recognition. You can also build brand loyalty by doing repeated marketing campaigns from market segments that you have responded positively to your past campaigns.

Well designed and professional door hangers can make a bigger impact with advantages in better audience targeting. Contact PrintHound for more information on door hangers and the benefits of door hangers for small business marketing.