Benefits of Print Advertising

Benefits of Print Advertising

10 Benefits of Print Advertising

There is no doubt electronic advertising is sweeping the length and breadth of the advertising world. The advent of the internet is even adding more salt to the open wound as many tend to be ignoring printed advertising completely.  The majority of your targeted audience are still outside of the electronic media and disregarding printed advertising is putting your business out of the reach of billion of people who do not have access to electronic media.

Wouldn’t you agree that print is alive and not dead as people are assuming? Yes, it’s all the figment of peoples’ imagination without an iota of truth behind it; print is alive and still has the clout to empower your advertising to great success, here are ten reasons to support that fact!

2. Print is Tangible

Mostly, we all remember things we can relate with and printed material is such thing. You can touch it, feel it and go back to it for reference or clear the doubt. Many years after a company’s brochure was printed, a child born years after could still make use of the material, relate to it and take it around for other people to see it. Educational research supports the fact that we all feel better when we have a tangible education. Some outdoor advertising has been around us many years after they were printed and still influence our decisions.

2. Print Stands Out

The best strategy in marketing is to go the opposite direction of the crowd and in this case, where everyone is going online advertising, going for flyers will ensure more people get a hold of it and will find them useful ever than the online ads. Incidentally, the print industry has improved remarkably with stunning prints here today than ever before.

3. Print Ads Credibility

Because of the power of relativity, people tend to believe what they see in print since they can feel and relate to it. The internet graphics and the story behind those graphics are fast losing their credibility because people know they are easily manipulated. But something in print has more credibility because they can relate to it and believe what it says. If your business advert appears in a printed magazine, it has more credibility than appearing on Facebook or online mag.

4. Print is Informative

People who have suffered the backlash of internet scam, virus, and other vices are today returning to good old days of newsprint and magazine as their sources of information. They enjoy it and can read their favorite anywhere without the burden of electronics. You don’t fear virus or any perceived negative online problems.

5. Print is More Environment-Friendly Than Ever

Print gives you the room to practice your green believe. From the papers used to the ink and all other print processes, there are green alternatives you can elect to go with and become a green ambassador in your business. Print offers you the environment to join a cause for common good.

6. Print Gains Public Appeal

The ecstasy that trailed the rise of the internet is waning for print. Prints ability to sustain and survive the downtime is an indication it has come to stay and will weather the storm again if the situation is repeated. For advert, wedding, family events and other social activities, print is regaining its appeal among people. It’s a signal for smart businesses to reposition their business for it.

7. Print is Affordable

If you didn’t do the math, you might think print is expensive. Print technology today has changed remarkably that the processes in place a few years back are outdated today. What may cost so much a decade ago may be what you spend on a process in the past. The closer you get to print, the more you understand it is less expensive than you may think. The transition to digital printing made print faster, more accessible and more affordable for the client. A print shop is able to produce more at a faster, more efficient rate.

8. Print is Engaging

Many people today are finding out how much damaging life on the internet with regards to learning has become. You skim and scan everything without taking in real substance that can engage you positively as print does. You will notice that printed word has higher memory retention. The more you interact with print, the more you can relate to it with more understanding. Print helps you to take action.

9. Print Creates Ad Recall

That print allows you to focus and remain steady with the material being ready has its advantages over online reading. Imagine someone reading printed Bible and an online Bible. You will find that the person with printed Bible has a better presence with the Bible than the person using the online version in term of knowing the continuity of the various readings.

10. Print Targets Specific Markets

Print ads allow you reach a targeted market through specific placement within a population or featuring in particular publications. It allows you to reach your targeted market effectively hence making your business grow better and faster.