How To Effectively Use Banners In Marketing

How To Effectively Use Banners In Marketing

Banner Printing

Banners are widely deployed as marketing materials by all kinds of businesses as they are highly versatile in design and deployment. Banner printing can be quickly designed, printed and placed strategically as brand visibility and recognition aids. But banners come in different sizes, shapes, and styles meaning that you have to pick on the right characteristics for a banner to have the best impact in your marketing campaign. What criteria do you use to pick the best banner?

Banner Size 

The bigger your banner is the more information you can put on it. Banners come in small, medium and large sizes. If you are in an indoor event, you should use an indoor banner. For indoor use, a small banner would be the best to deploy at your stand. In an outdoors event where there are better limitations of space, you can deploy bigger banners. Consider the content you need to place on a banner. If you are listing the qualities of a new product, a small banner would be perfect. If you are announcing a sale offer or a shopping festival, a big banner would do the job.

Banner Shape 

The shape of your banner should work well for viewing of the content to be placed on the banner. If you are doing a product/service description, a rectangular banner with a high height and narrow width would work well for legibility purposes and placement. If you are doing a logo, a circular banner can work as well. Basically, shapes other than rectangle or square work well for graphics.

Banner Style 

There are different types of banners that fit well for different events:

  • Bow Banners – Also called flex, bow flag, bowhead, or blade flag banners, these banners are ideal for outdoor events in windy conditions.
  • Teardrop Banner – This banner attracts attention due to its irregular gravity-defying form. It is ideal for high-visibility logos.
  • Flag Banners – This is the basic form of the banner, which takes the form of an advertising medium attached to a pole. This kind of banner is easy to deploy and can take more content.
  • Spinning Dart Banners – This is a more modern style of a banner which looks like a flight balloon with ads on it. This banner is ideal for flashy kinds of events like sports festivals.
  • Pop Up Canopies – Pop up canopies double up as shelter and advertising platforms. This type of banner is ideal for strong brand visibility as the business team also pitches camp under the canopy with more branded items.
  • Promotional Umbrellas – Shade providing branded umbrellas are very effective as they can be given away as presents to clients who will find them very useful for resting outdoors.

Banners are highly visible and very effective for both indoor and outdoor events. Get your banner right and you will be pulling in the crowds with ease.